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E-Techco Group(AnyCheck Health-IT) "AI + Chronic Disease Treatment Project" has been accepted by Peking University Sixth Hospital

2020-05-30 16:38

The news went out from E-Techco Group(AnyCheck Health-IT) on May 30 that it’s "AI + Chronic Disease Treatment Project" has been accepted by Peking University Sixth Hospital, after long-term hard work of market team of the North China Region. Experts agreed that "AI + Chronic Disease Treatment Project" would be considered acceptable for its advanced technology. They believed that the AI-based Chronic disease management services provided by E-Techco Group(AnyCheck Health-IT) can optimize the hospital’s chronic diseases management process, improve doctors' work efficiency and implement real-time monitoring for patients with chronic disease throughout the treatment process. And all of these advantages lead to a higher patient satisfaction with medical treatment.

With the support of AnyCheck Chronic Disease Management Platform and AnyCheck All-in-one Health Machine, AnyCheck Chronic Disease Management System, self-developed by E-Techco Group(AnyCheck Health-IT), will provide the hospital with full process and all-round health service. By integrating its software and hardware and interconnecting its medical patient data, the hospital can offer its patients with chronic diseases with a comprehensive range of medical treatment services.

This project is a new breakthrough of E-Techco Group(AnyCheck Health-IT)’s "AI + Chronic Disease Management" innovative service in the field of chronic disease management. It has laid a solid foundation for building a demonstration model in the North China market, and once again, AnyCheck AI Chronic Disease Management System, self-developed by E-Techco Group(AnyCheck Health-IT), it’s strong market competitiveness and good brand reputation have been accepted and certified by the smart medical industry.

E-Techco Group (AnyCheck Health-IT) is a high-tech enterprise in life IT technology research and product development. Since its establishment in 2003, E-Techco has been deeply rooted in the medical health industry, with cutting-edge technology research and innovation as its core development strategy, focusing on corporate culture and brand building, and continuing to invest in information technology, biotechnology, digital technology and other fields. It uses the most advanced AI, big data, deep learning and other technologies and products to serve medical informationization and health care industry, It is committed to improving the efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency of clinical medicine through the integration and innovation of life science and information science.

E-Techco Group is located in International Innovation Valley, Nanshan District, Shenzhen, with branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Xi'an, Shijiazhuang, Fuzhou, Shenyang, Changsha and Guilin. And overseas branches are in Hong Kong, Silicon Valley, Europe, Ireland and Finland, etc. At present, products and solutions of company such as medical intelligence, intelligent testing equipment, medical informationatization, health informationatization, and regional health informationatization have been selected into the catalogue of promoted product from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of China, and are widely used in more than 650 top three hospitals, 450 social health centers and health management centers. The products have received positive response and wide acclaim from the market.

Over the years, E-Techco has been adhering to the business philosophy of “Innovation-driven and technology-led”, and has established extensive cooperative relationships with many well-known universities, research institutes and scientists at home and abroad, and continues to innovate and industrialize in the fields of smart medical care and healthy retirement. application. At present, there are academician workstations, postdoctoral workstations, and doctoral workstations; core scientists include 2 Nobel Prize scientists, 5 Chinese and foreign academicians, 10 professors, 28 doctors, and more than 200 research and development personnel.

E-Techco Group has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tsinghua University. The two sides have carried out strategic cooperation in smart medical joint talent training and R&D innovation. At the same time, they have become Huawei's ecological partners (rigorously selected, Qi Pengyun ARM architecture, ISV).

At present, E-Techco has applied for/owned more than 3,100 kinds of intellectual property rights in the field of “AI+Medical+Health+Elderly Care”. It has honored Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprise of China, Guangdong Province and Shenzhen. It also has achieved demonstration enterprise of intellectual property rights of Guangdong Province. Besides, it achieved four China Patent Excellence Awards, and the number of patent applications in the field of smart medical segment ranked first in the country and fourth in the world. Four subsidiaries of group are selected as TOP100 in the PCT international patent application list of 2018 Chinese enterprises.

E-Techco Group has obtained Class II medical device registration and production license (NMPA/GMP certification), Class III medical device business license (GSP certification), ISO9001 quality system certification and US software engineering CMMI3 certification, information system integration and service enterprise three-level qualification. It is a national-level smart health elderly care application pilot model enterprise, the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology medical big data industry development pilot model enterprise, Guangdong Province Health Management Internet Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangdong Province Chronic Disease Big Data Engineering Technology Research Center and Guangdong Medical Data Demonstration Base and won the Chinese Internet + medical health leading brand, China Internet + medical health best solution, China's smart medical industry leader, China's smart medical industry, quality, Honor in honor of the Demonstration Enterprise Award. In addition, the competent authorities at all levels of the state granted E-Techco's 2018 Guangdong high-growth SMEs, Shenzhen's convenient through-train service enterprises, and Nanshan District Green Passage Enterprise.

In addition, with outstanding contributions in life IT, health and Internet medical, Mr. Zhang Guanjing, Chairman and CEO of E-Techco Group, was awarded the 2018 China Smart Healthcare Industry Leader, China Smart Healthcare Industry Honest Entrepreneur Meritorious Award, Guangdong Province Special Honoring the talents of planning, technology, entrepreneurship and leading talents.

Going forward, E-Techco will build an “unicorn” hard technology high-tech enterprise with sustainable innovation capability, deeply-accumulated science and technology as well as high-quality customer service to speed up the pace of IPO.

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