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China Think Tank visited E-Techco Group (AnCheck Health-IT)“AI+Medical”

2020-06-08 18:17

On June 8, 2020, Dr. Li, an expert of China think tank led a team to visit the Shenzhen headquarters of E-Techco Group (AnCheck Health-IT) to negotiate strategic cooperation in the field of smart medical. Mr. Zhang Guanjing, Chairman and CEO of E-Techco Group gave the delegation a warm reception. Ms. Xiao Yingfen, Vice Chairman and CFO, Dr. Ge Xinke, CTO, Ms. Liang Yanni, Executive president and R&D General Manager, Mr. Zhou Liang, deputy chief engineer, Ms. Zhang Yue, Investment Director, Ms. Yang Bohan, IR Director, and Business director of strategic cooperation department Mr. Zhao Li attended the talks.

During their visit, The delegation first visited the exhibition hall and R & D center. They extended full affirmation to the company’s self-developed products, including AnyCheck All-in-one Health Machine, AnyCheck AI-based TCM Aided Diagnosis System, Health Examination Management System. After learning about the company's honor, patent innovation, international scientific research team, academician workstation, postdoctoral and doctoral workstation, The delegation highly appreciated our company's R&D innovation capacity and it’s over 3000 patent innovations. They expressed their wish to strengthen exchanges and promote cooperation in a solid manner so as to seek new developments in smart medical treatment.

At the symposium, Chairman Zhang Guanjing of the E-Techco Group expressed his sincere gratitude to the delegation for their guidance and support. He introduced the delegation E-Techco’s R&D developments and major achievements in the field of AI+medical treatment, AI+healthcare, AI+elderly care and AI+TCM. “The research team of China Think Tank has fruitful research results”, Zhang said, “There exists significant scope for cooperation for both sides in the coming future, We suggesting establish a long-term and effective cooperation mechanism to accelerate the application of high-level scientific and technological achievements.”

While fully affirmed the achievements of E-Techco Group(AnCheck Health-IT) in the field of smart medical, the delegation believes that E-Techco, as a smart medical innovative enterprise, has a strong foundation of scientific research that enables its sustaining innovation and commercialization in the field of healthcare and elderly care. The field trip today has laid a solid foundation for the two sides to strengthen exchange of talents and science and technology, and will further promote the smart medical strategic cooperation!

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