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Haier Group visited E-techco (Anycheck Anycheck Health-IT) AI medical business

2020-07-10 17:08

On July 8, 2020, Mr. Wang Ye, who is responsible for the business section of Haier Zhijia ecological platform, global R & D planning director, general manager of Shandong high-end intelligent home appliance manufacturing innovation center, member of IEC / MSB (International Electro-technical Commission) market strategy Bureau, and vice president of Haier Group, who was selected into the national Ten Million talent plan, led the expert group to visit the Shenzhen headquarters of E-techco group to observe the progress of innovation and industrialization of smart healthcare. Mr. Zhang guanjing, chairman and CEO of E-techco Group, Dr. Ge Xinke, co-founder and CTO, Dr. Zhang Hongzhi, chief engineer, Mr. Zhao Li, director of strategic cooperation, Ms. Zhang Yue, director of investment relations, Ms. Yang Bohan, director of investor relations and Ms. Chen Cong, assistant to the president, accompanied the inspection.

The expert group first visited the company's exhibition hall and technology R & D center, and heard about the intellectual property innovation and product R & D work of E-techco group. After watching the demonstration of our self-developed intelligent detection systems such as safety testing health machine, safety testing four diagnostic apparatus of TCM, AI + medical imaging and AI + TCM, the expert group fully affirmed the intelligent health solutions of safety testing health in the fields of health management, chronic disease management and traditional Chinese medicine auxiliary diagnosis, and believed that the healthcare of E-techco (safety testing health) can be enabled by Al technology. It can effectively help medical institutions at all levels to improve the efficiency, effectiveness and financial benefits.

At the meeting, chairman Zhang Guanjing expressed his gratitude to the expert group for their guidance and cooperation and support. He also introduced in detail the research and development innovation in the fields of safety test health AI traditional Chinese medicine, AI medical imaging, chronic disease management and intelligent physical examination management, as well as the application of SaaS in daytime surgery and family bed projects in cooperation with Shenzhen People's Hospital and the eighth Affiliated Hospital of Zhongshan University. He said that E-techco (safety testing health) hopes to take this visit as an opportunity to further strengthen the exchange of experience, learn from each other, make common progress, and make collaborative innovation, so as to integrate high-tech medical technology (AI + Health) into home appliances and household appliances, enter the community, and make contributions to chronic disease management and livelihood projects.

After carefully listening to the report, the expert group fully affirmed the achievements of our company in the construction and development of intelligent health field in recent years, and put forward valuable opinions and suggestions on the future innovation and research and development of our company's medical and health informatization construction, and expressed the good cooperation vision of supporting safety and health to promote the innovation and development of smart health. Both parties said that they would strengthen cooperation in the field of Pan-health industry of household appliances, focusing on strategic cooperation in AI health management in smart home, and jointly promote the rapid development of smart health industry.

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