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AnyCheck “AI+Medical” Improve Fresh Students’Health Check Experiences

2020-09-01 16:00

With the effective control of the COVIN-19 epidemic in China, colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, kindergartens and other educational institutions have been starting in an orderly manner since late August. The intelligent health check service platform, independently developed by E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) and integrating "pre-inspection, inspection, post-inspection" full-process, has played a positive role in supporting the medical examination work of new students from different regions. Xi'an Jiaotong University Hospital is one of the successful application cases.

On August 29th, Xi'an Jiaotong University Hospital started the new medical examination work for the 2020 undergraduates. From 7:50 a.m., the hospital staff, including medical care, medical technology, administration and other more than 130 staff with professional, were all readily available on their positions and started to provide warm and meticulous service to a total of 5250 new students from both Xingqing campus and the Minta campus for three days. In this medical examination work, the school hospital strictly complied with the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and conducted "one-yard pass" inspection and temperature measurement for all the students who come to the medical examination. At the same time, in order to avoid the crowd gathering and to improve the efficiency of the medical examination, the school hospital made full use of the E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) intelligent full-process health check service platform. All students must make appointments in advance in the system - 170 people per hour. With the support and cooperation of volunteers and other on-site staff, students take only half an hour to complete the inspection, greatly improving the efficiency and quality of the whole medical examination process.

Xi'an Jiaotong University Hospital's freshman medical examination work is carried out in an efficient, high-quality and orderly manner, thanks to the hospital's early investment in medical information construction, especially in the information system of health check. Previously, in order to promote the hospital information construction, improve the efficiency and quality of medical examination work, manage the student health data in an unified and effective way, the school hospital commissioned E-Techno (AnyCheck Health) to develop a new physical examination system, and completed the new database construction, stress testing, software interface database sharing, user training and other work. The purpose of the new medical examination system in school hospitals is to respond to the implementation of China's national strategy for health, to set a precedent for health management in colleges and universities through a unified health management platform in schools, and to establish a unified health file number for school staff and students, achieving the health data summary through close cooperation with upper and lower-level institutions. Based on health management models, the platform automatically evaluates everyone's health, provides health grading management for healthy people, sub-healthy populations and slow patient groups, and provides targeted health promotion, education, counseling, evaluation, intervention, treatment and follow-up services, and provides unified and effective management of health data for teachers and students throughout the school.

Xi'an Jiaojiao University Hospital's original intention is in line with that of E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) when the company conducted independent research and development of the "pre-inspection, inspection, post-inspection" intelligent full-process health check management service platform. All the functions of the platforms fit the demand of the university, thus the two sides work hand in hand to promote the "Internet-health check-up" innovative services. Through cooperation, E-Techco (AnyCheck Health) build a one-stop health check-up platform for the hospital, including pre-test medical examination appointment system, check-in medical examination system, occupational disease medical examination system, intelligent guidance system, post-test health management system of the whole process integration program. The platform targeted to realize professional automation and paperless processes, and achieved intelligent management of business appointment, registration, fees collection, sub-inspection, general inspection and other processes. Besides, the system also provides a variety of flexible operating programs and powerful query and statistical functions to help managers obtain daily update timely, check status and statistics related data quickly, assist the health management center for health check, health intervention, data management, data analysis and other work effectively. By maximizing the efficiency and minimizing the work pressure of medical staff, the platforms provide more comprehensive, accurate, standardized, efficient health management services to more patients, which meet people's growing needs for a healthy and happy life!

Compared with other similar products in the medical information market, the intelligent "pre-inspection, inspection, post-inspection" full-process health check management service platform, independently developed by E-Techco (AnyCheck Health), is more flexible, and is able to better assist medical staff to improve efficiency by generating comprehensive analysis report, realizing multi-system seamless connection, customizing the working page style and applying artificial intelligence technology. With advanced information technologies applied in the health management platforms, E-Techco (AnyCheck Health)’s products fully reflect the concept of intelligent services, healthy life and technologies starting from “Cloud”, which improve the efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness of clinical medicine.

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