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E-techco (AnyCheck Health)’s Product Selected In The National “Smart Health Old-Age Care Products Promotion Catalog" (2020 version)

2020-09-19 20:58

Recently, the products of E-techco (AnyCheck Health) – AnyCheck self-service health monitoring intelligent all-in-one machine and AnyCheck chronic disease management platform - were successfully shortlisted again in the "Smart Health Old-age Care Products Promotion Catalog" (2020 version), jointly formulated by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the National Health and Health Commission. This is the full affirmation and high recognition from scientific and technological community, health, medical industry, media, the elderly industry, the government, the public, consumers and other sectors of the community for E-techco (AnyCheck Health), representing the extensive influence of E-techco (AnyCheck Health) in the area of "AI+Health Care+Medical+Old-age care " at home and abroad!

Re-entering the "Catalog 2020 Edition" for the E-techco (AnyCheck Health) is of great benefit for brand promotion and image promotion. Local civil affairs, health and other government departments in the procurement of smart health pension-related projects will give priority to support E-techco (AnyCheck Health)’s products and services. The government departments will also use the relevant departments of the official website, television newspaper network and other news media, as well as holding press conferences, industry forums and other forms to expand the impact of E-techco (AnyCheck Health) products and services.

The second time selection in the "Catalog 2020 Edition", is not only a stage summary for the research and development of self-help health monitoring intelligent all-in-one machine and chronic disease management platform, but also an important inspiration for the E-techco (AnyCheck Health) to continue to carry out intelligent medical and health care industry work.

E-techco (AnyCheck Health) will, as always, adhere to high standards, strict requirements, good quality of products and services, on the basis of enhancing the potential for innovation, and strive to improve product quality and service levels, accept social supervision and quality supervision carried out by relevant departments, and strive to set an industry benchmark, with government departments to carry out smart health pension application pilot demonstration selection and smart health old-age products and services promotion, to meet the ai-health pension new era, promote the new development of smart health care industry!

Technology to create value, professional cast quality, quality to win the market! E-techco (AnyCheck Health) has always firmly believed that satisfaction comes from service, quality from identity, word-of-mouth branding, always adhere to scientific development, strict implementation of industry standards, persistent pursuit of high-end quality, always adhere to product quality, defend brand value, the pursuit of user satisfaction! This self-service health monitoring intelligent all-in-one machine and chronic disease management platform was once again successfully selected in the "catalog 2020 edition", once again confirmed that E-techco (AnyCheck Health) excellent product quality has been widely recognized by the community, enterprise visibility and test brand reputation to a higher level!

As a comprehensive demonstration enterprise of Shenzhen International Innovation Valley Modern Internet AI Medical, E-techco (AnyCheck Health) will combine Internet information technology, artificial intelligence technology and health care industry integration and innovation development, actively build an industry exchange and cooperation platform, deeply exchange experience of the intelligent and healthy old-age care industry, optimize the overall "AI-plus" smart health care model, focus on precision medical customization programs, promote the combination of medical care, improve the efficiency, effectiveness and effectiveness of clinical medicine, and promote the "smart old-age health China" construction!

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