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Tianjin University's visit to E-Techco Group (Anycheck Health-IT Co.,Ltd)

2020-11-06 23:50

On November 6, 2020, appointed by China Association for Science and Technology, to track academic growth and data collection project for senior scientists, Ms. Lu Li, deputy secretary of the Party committee of Tianjin University, with group of four, visited the headquarters building of E-Techco in Shenzhen International Innovation Valley, focusing on academician Yao’s technological innovation and cooperation for enterprises. The interview team took on-the-spot shooting and field interviews in E-Techco and interviewed the chairman and CEO Mr. Zhang guanjing, the vice chairman of the company, Ms. Xiao Yingfen, the CTO Dr. Ge Xinke, the chief engineer, Dr. Zhang Hongzhi, the business director Mr. Zhao Li, and other teams. This interview reviews the support and help of Academician Yao, a to "spiritual leader" of E-Techco , helping the company on varies scientific and technological cooperation and innovation projects.

From June 23 to 25, 2009, the main leading comrades of the State Council issued an important instruction on the urgent rescue of the historical data on the academic growth of old scientists submitted by the China Association for science and technology, and requested that the rescue of the data on the academic growth of old scientists should be regarded as the rescue project officially launched by the State Science and education leading group. China Association for science and technology, with the assistance of the science and Education Office of the State Council, and in cooperation with relevant departments, is responsible for the implementation. In accordance with the spirit of relevant instructions from the leaders of the State Council, the Chinese Association for science and technology, in consultation with the Ministry of organization, the Ministry of education, the Ministry of science and technology, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of finance, the Ministry of culture, the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission, the General Political Department of the PLA, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of engineering, and the National Natural Science Foundation of China It was officially launched in 10 years. The implementation of the project of collecting data on the academic growth of old scientists is to preserve the important data reflecting the academic growth history of old scientists by means of audio-visual recording and material collection, enrich the historical data of scientific and technological development of new China, promote the formation of academic tradition of new China, and stimulate the innovation enthusiasm and creative vitality of scientific and technological workers. It has been more than ten years since the data collection project of old scientists' academic growth has been carried out for more than ten years. About 200 universities and scientific research institutions and nearly 3000 collectors have participated in the collection of data of scientists. At present, the collection project has collected more than 120000 copies of manuscripts and letters of scientists who have entered Tibet, work notes spanning more than half a century, hand drawn animal and plant specimens, 290000 pieces of digital data, and more than 15000 hours of audio and video data. The data collection project for the academic growth of old scientists has become the largest collection project of precious historical data of modern and contemporary Chinese scientists with the largest scale, the most abundant content and the most extensive types in China, as well as an important platform for the research of Chinese modern and contemporary scientific history, scientific and technological figures, and scientific and cultural construction.

During the exclusive interview, Mr. Zhang guanjing, chairman and CEO of E-Techco Group (Anycheck Health-IT Co.,Ltd) introduced the key innovative projects in each area of the exhibition hall to the interview group, and led the interview group to experience the company's newly upgraded intelligent health monitoring equipment and medical information system, which was fully recognized by the interview group, and considered that the intelligent health management platform with software and hardware combined with the whole process of intelligent health management platform was highly recognized by the interview group The innovative mode has brought great convenience to medical institutions, medical staff, patients and their families as well as the general residents. It is an innovative exploration that benefits the people's livelihood and is worthy of promotion. Mr. Zhang also pointed one out that "one belt, one road, and one belt to drive medical treatment along the way" is a concrete practice for the implementation of the 13th Five-Year Central Committee's strategic plan of "Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee, which is deeply implemented by President Xi Jinping." Safety testing health actively implements the "healthy China 2030" strategy proposed by the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. It makes full use of Internet technology and Internet of things technology, gives full play to its rich experience and resource advantages in the big health industry, spare no effort to promote health science and technology innovation, establish medical and health information service system, develop new medical and health service formats, and serve the majority of medical and health institutions To provide accurate, high-quality, all-round and full life-cycle medical information services to help medical institutions at all levels improve the efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency of clinical medicine. Chairman Zhang guanjing said that academician Yao Jianquan, as the chief scientist of E-Techco Group (Anycheck Health-IT Co.,Ltd), has applied for and won the bid for a number of national level science and technology projects combining production, teaching and research, guiding the scientific and technological innovation of safety testing health in the field of intelligent medical treatment, and has achieved very good industrial application and promotion, making Anycheck a leading enterprise in intelligent medical treatment at home and abroad, keeping giving significant contributions.

At the same time, chairman Zhang guanjing also talked with the interview group about the achievements and contributions of academician Yao Jianquan in guiding Anycheck team to carry out the research and development and innovation of internet medical and artificial intelligence. Anycheck is committed to the important application of Internet plus big data and artificial intelligence in cancer. By building a big data cloud platform for cancer imaging, the efficiency of cancer diagnosis and treatment can be enhanced, and doctors will be able to judge and eventually achieve precise medical treatment. In addition, the self-developed products and services such as four diagnostic apparatus of traditional Chinese medicine, physical identification instrument and preventive treatment service system are also applied in the field of traditional Chinese medicine by using artificial intelligence technology combined with traditional Chinese medicine theory and information technology, which has made a major innovation and breakthrough in improving the level of digitalization, informatization, standardization and intellectualization of traditional Chinese medicine, which has been won by the State Administration of traditional Chinese medicine and China Many leaders and experts such as medical college and Chinese society of traditional Chinese medicine fully recognized. During the interview and shooting process, the interview team highly recognized the innovative exploration and industrial business experience of Anycheck in intelligent medical health and artificial intelligence, and believed that this cutting-edge innovative medical service mode has brought great convenience to the majority of medical institutions, medical staff, patients and their families, as well as community residents, and it is an innovation that benefits the people and worth popularizing.

Finally, chairman Zhang guanjing stressed that the careful guidance and strong endorsement and support of academician Yao Jianquan have strengthened the faith and confidence of Anycheck team in the field of intelligent medical innovation and entrepreneurship, guarantee the people's quality of life and provide the people with lifelong health protection, which is the mission and goal of Anycheck! In the R & D and innovation work of AI + smart medical, AI + smart health, AI + smart pension, AI + auxiliary diagnosis, AI + medical imaging, we always put the health of the people of the whole country in a strategic position of priority development. Constantly improve the system, expand services, increase quality, only for the broad masses of people to enjoy the system of continuous prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, health promotion and other full life cycle health services. To fullfill the human health dream is E-techco’s ultimate goal!

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