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Anycheck Health-IT Co.,Ltd is Honored in "Top 20 High-tech and High-Growth enterprises in Shenzhen"

2020-11-05 14:01

On November 5, 2020, the award ceremony and forum of "Top 20 Shenzhen High-tech and High-growth and Shenzhen Future Star" co-sponsored by Deloitte China and Shenzhen Federation of Commerce and co-sponsored by Shenzhen Tianan Junye investment and development group were held in Tian'an Yungu, Longgang District, Shenzhen. At the meeting, 20 enterprises officially selected as the top 20 high tech growth in Shenzhen were awarded awards and medals. Anycheck Health-IT Co.,Ltd has been selected successfully with its advantages of high-tech products, artificial intelligence technology, intellectual property innovation and industrialization in the fields of "AI+ medical treatment, AI+ health, AI+ pension", and ranked 12th. Deputy Secretary Zhuang, deputy secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Lv deputy director of Shenzhen small and medium-sized enterprise service bureau, representative of Deloitte China enterprises Guo, and General Zhao, personally awarded awards to 20 enterprises with Anycheck Health-IT Co.,Ltd. The company members, including Mr. John Zhang Guanjing, chairman and CEO of Anycheck Health-IT Co.,Ltd company, Mr. Zhao Li, business director of strategic cooperation department, and MS. Chen Cong, assistant president, were invited to participate in the ceremony and receive the honor trophy on site. This is another big leap after the honor of "top 70 Shenzhen innovation enterprises" in October 2019, indicating enterprise’s scientific independence and technological innovation!

At the award ceremony, Deputy Secretary Zhuang, leader of Shenzhen Municipal Party committee, personally conferred the card to Mr. John Zhang Guanjing, chairman and CEO of Anycheck Health-IT Co.,Ltd, and highly praised the high-tech strength of independent innovation in the field of "Ai + medical, AI + health, AI + pension". Meanwhile, the award-winning enterprises were encouraged to stick to their original intention, continue to innovate, cultivate their core competitive advantages, continuing playing the leading role!

Mr. John Zhang Guanjing, chairman and CEO of Anycheck Health-IT Co.,Ltd, expressed his sincere thanks to the leaders of Shenzhen Municipal Committee, Small and Medium-sized enterprise Service Bureau, Deloitte China, Shenzhen Federation of Commerce, Shenzhen Tianan Junye investment and development group for their affirmation and support for Anycheck, and expressed that the company will keep in mind the keen attention and keen expectation of all leading experts and continue to focus on medical health and elderly care The core business of information and intelligence, the mastery of independent intellectual property rights, the increase of high-tech innovation and research and development, joint research and research in combination with production, learning and research, accelerating breakthroughs and mastering key technologies of industry, integrating innovative life science and information science, improving the efficiency, effectiveness and efficiency of clinical medicine, helping to improve the health of Chinese people and improve the quality of life!

The attending parties include Mr. Zhuang Lixiang, deputy secretary of Shenzhen Municipal Party committee, Lv Zhe, leader of Shenzhen SME Service Bureau, Mr. Guo Yancheng and Mr. Zhao Jindong, managing partners of Deloitte in South China mainland, Ms. Lin Hui, executive chairman of Shenzhen chamber of Commerce, Mr. Yang Yi, President of Shenzhen Tianan Junye investment development group, as well as special guests, well-known scholars, entrepreneurs, investment executives and principals. More than 100 people including streaming media reporters attended the ceremony.

"2020 Shenzhen Top 20 High-tech and High-growth Enterprises " was jointly sponsored by Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu China and Shenzhen Municipal Chamber of Commerce and co- sponsored by Shenzhen Tian'an Junye investment and development group. After visiting, investigating and discussing enterprises on the spot, 20 Shenzhen Representative Enterprises with the strongest comprehensive strength were selected from a large number of enterprises. Most of these enterprises are profitable, but the judges pay more attention to their business model, business growth scale and speed, and dig out the future "unicorn" from these high growth enterprises. The organizing committee unanimously believes that Shenzhen enterprises listed in the "2020 Shenzhen Top 20 High-tech and High-growth Enterprises " list are the leaders of high-tech innovation driven and rapid development, the industrial pioneers of Shenzhen's construction of leading demonstration zone, and another concentrated display of Shenzhen's independent innovation strength.

“Shenzhen Top 20 High-tech and High-growth Enterprises” award is a sub project of China's top 50 high-tech and high-growth series. It aims to discover and commend outstanding enterprises with high-speed growth and continuous innovation in Shenzhen, and look for unicorns in the future. Meanwhile, Shenzhen's top 20 high-tech growth enterprises will automatically become candidates of China's top 50 and Asia Pacific 500 projects, and compete with other shortlisted enterprises in China The ranking of high-tech enterprises with the most development potential ranks among the fastest growing and most potential high-tech enterprises in China. Deloitte's selection of high-tech high growth enterprises started from Silicon Valley of the United States in 1995, and entered Shenzhen, China in 2014. It is held in more than 30 countries every year. The project aims to actively explore high-tech innovative enterprises with outstanding performance, unique innovation and vigorous growth. It is known as "the benchmark of high growth enterprises in the world". Many industry leaders have emerged in the list of "Deloitte high-tech growth" and "Deloitte tomorrow star". All the selected enterprises have unique innovative technology or business model, and they also occupy a leading position in the subdivision fields, such as Microsoft, apple, Amazon, Google, Facebook, adobe, Alibaba, Tencent, Jingdong, Hikvision, Wuxi, Baidu, 360, etc Global well-known science and technology enterprises such as Tiao, Dajiang, Kuangshi technology and ByteDance were all included in the list in their early growth stage.

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