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The Establishment of E-techco(Anycheck)Guangxi Branch

2021-01-26 14:28

On January 25, 2021, E-techcoAnycheckand four partners from Guangxi medical field signed a successful contract in Nanning, Guangxi, to explore and develop the market scale of "Anycheck AI + medical, AI + health, AI + pension" series products in Guangxi, marking the formal establishment of Anycheck health Guangxi branch. The signing ceremony was held in the office and business premises of the future Anycheck health Guangxi Branch, which is located in the Derui building in Qingxiu District of Nanning urban trunk road and Minzu Avenue. Mr. Su Chaoying, technical R & D director of E-techcoAnycheckand Mr. Zhao Li, strategic cooperation business director, signed contracts with four partners of the Guangxi branch on behalf of the company.


The successful signing of the contract and the establishment of Anycheck health Guangxi branch has laid a good foundation for the future development of innovative service cooperation in smart medical industry in Guangxi. E-techcoAnycheckis a high-tech enterprise specializing in life it technology research and product development. It is committed to serving the medical information and health care industry with the most advanced artificial intelligence, big data, deep learning and other technologies and products. The two parties will jointly give full play to their respective advantages and resources, build an efficient cooperation platform, and jointly promote more smart medical and smart medical care projects to continuously land, to contribute wisdom and strength to the new development of Guangxi smart medical and health industry!


Looking forward to 2021, Anycheck Guangxi branch will focus on the construction of county-level medical Consortium (medical community) platform, community health, AI health management follow-up platform, smart family sickbed regional platform and other information fields to carry out in-depth market promotion. At the same time, the partnership system is also a bold attempt of E-techcoAnycheck in the marketing level, taking Anycheck health Guangxi branch as an example The pilot operation indicates that the cooperation mode will be widely replicated in other provinces one after another, accelerating the IPO process!

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