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Leaders of Zhengzhou University Visiting E-Techco (Anycheck)

2021-02-26 17:02

On the morning of February 25, 2021, Professor Zongming Wang, deputy secretary of the Party committee and vice president of Zhengzhou University, and his fellow worker, visited the headquarters of E-Techco (Anycheck) in Shenzhen International Innovation Valley to investigate the innovation and industrialization progress of "Ai + medical". The core teams leading by Mr. John Zhang Guanjing, chairman and CEO of E-Techco (Anycheck), Ms. Xiao Yingfen, vice chairman and CFO, Dr. Ge Xinke, co founder and CTO, Dr. Zhang Hongzhi, chief engineer, Mr. Su Chaoying, director of technical research and development, Mr. Zhao Li, director of strategic cooperation business, Ms. Zhang Yue, director of investment, Mr. Zhao Kangfu, director of solution department, and Ms. Chen Cong, assistant president assistant, showed great hospitality to the visiting team, and humbly communicated with them.
Accompanied by Dr. Zhang Hongzhi, chief engineer of E-Techco (Anycheck), Mr. Wang made a detailed on-site investigation of our products, personally observed our company's Integrated Health Machine, Traditional Chinese medicine constitution identification instrument, as well as hardware and software system products such as AI + chronic disease, AI + TCM, AI + image, etc., and understood the company's awards, patent innovations, international scientific research team and academician workstation like post doctoral workstation, doctoral workstation, etc. The visiting team highly appreciated the R & D innovation and more than 3100 intellectual property rights of our company in the field of intelligent medical treatment, and highly valued our advanced intelligent health equipment and AI system. At the same time, we also deeply hope that both sides will further strengthen work exchanges, promote cooperation and jointly seek new development of intelligent medicine in the future.
At the forum, Mr.John Zhang Guanjing, chairman and CEO of E-Techco (Anycheck), expressed his gratitude for the visit, guidance and cooperation support of the delegation. He introduced the research and development innovation and main scientific and technological achievements of E-Techco (Anycheck) in the fields of AI + medical treatment, AI + health, AI + pension, AI + traditional Chinese medicine, etc. President Zhang claimed that facing the future development of AI medical, E-Techco (Anycheck) is willing to establish a long-term and effective cooperation mechanism with Guangxi Nanning science and Technology Bureau, implement the relevant cooperation, promote the transformation and landing of high-level scientific and technological achievements in Henan, and accelerate the industrialization development of smart medical in Henan.
In this trip, the visiting team fully recognized the achievements made by E-Techco (Anycheck) in the field of intelligent medical treatment. The Delegation believed that as an innovative enterprise of intelligent medical treatment, E-Techco (Anycheck) has strong scientific research strength and can continuously innovate and apply in the field of intelligent medical treatment. This communication has laid a solid foundation for both sides to strengthen talent exchange and scientific and technological research and development in the future, and will promote the strategic cooperation between the two sides to a new level! On the occasion of farewell, Mr. John Zhang Guanjing, chairman and CEO of our company, once again said to the visiting team: E-Techco (Anycheck) will continue to strengthen scientific and technological innovation, strive to set up an industry benchmark, cooperate with Guangxi government, various ministries and relevant medical institutions to carry out pilot demonstration of intelligent medical application, and to promote intelligent medical products and services, so as to promote the new development of intelligent medical industry. Acheive human’s health dream is E-Techco 's Chinese dream "!

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