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E-techco (Anycheck) Signs Smart Medical Strategic Cooperation With Sino Voice

2021-06-15 09:38

On March 31, 2021, E-techco (Anycheck) and Beijing Sino Voice signed the "smart medical strategic cooperation framework " in Shenzhen International Innovation Valley. Based on the principle of "resource integration, complementary advantages and win-win development", the two parties will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the field of "artificial intelligence + smart medical", focusing on intelligent voice, voice electronic medical record, intelligent voice input, OCR image recognition and other medical business application scenarios hand in hand for related product development and market development. Mr. ZhangGuanjing, chairman and CEO of E-techco (Anycheck), Ms. Xiao Yingfen, Vice Chairman and CFO, Dr. Ge Xinke, Co-founder and CTO, Mr. Zhao Li, Director of Strategic Cooperation Business, Ms. Zhang Yue, Director of Investment, Mr. Peng Linglin, Investment Manager, Ms. Wang Yuexuan, Customer Service Manager, Ms. Chen Hui, Assistant to the CEO, and other core teams, together with Beijing Sino Mr. Wu Weidong, Chairman and General Manager of Sino Voice and Mr. Zhu Bocheng, General Manager of South China Mr. Huang Yongqiang, Sales Director region witnessed this moment together.

Beijing Sino Voice focuses on intelligent voice, intelligent semantics, intelligent vision, big data analysis and other all-round research and industrial application of artificial intelligence technology. It is a leading provider of artificial intelligence technology, products and services in China. In terms of AI technology research and development, Sino Voice has more than 10 AI technologies independently developed, including speech recognition, speech synthesis, semantic understanding, machine translation, big data analysis, voiceprint recognition, face recognition, fingerprint recognition, handwriting recognition, keyboard input, microphone array, OCR, video analysis, etc., and has been applied in the aicloud open platform( AIcloud.com )and all industries. In the aspect of industrial application of AI technology, Sino Voice has built a stand-alone and mutually promoting AI product ecosystem, which includes aicloud open platform, aicloud AICP full intelligent capability platform, aicloud AICC full intelligent customer service solution, aicloud AIIS intelligent industry solution, aicloud AIOT intelligent Internet of things solution, etc.Sino Voice is the first to launch intelligent voice assistant, telephone service robot, intelligent voice outbound robot, entity intelligent voice robot and real-time intelligent voice analysis system in China. It has become the explorer and leader of AI technology industrialization in China through deep cultivation of AI industry market and continuous innovation.

In terms of ecological partnership, Sino Voice adheres to the development concept of "enabling all industries to share the future of AI", complements the advantages of ecological partners, cooperates with them for win-win results, and jointly promotes the healthy and prosperous development of China's artificial intelligence industry. Sino Voice insists on creating value for customers and using AI to help customers upgrade their business intelligently. At present, Sino Voice has set up companies in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Xiamen, Tianjin, Changsha, Wuhan, Chengdu, Xi'an, Xinjiang and other places, serving thousands of customers in various fields such as finance, telecommunications, energy, government and enterprise, and is striving to achieve the strategic goal of "let every enterprise have artificial intelligence, and let everyone enjoy the ease and convenience brought by artificial intelligence".

Focusing on medical informatization and medical intelligence, E-techco (Anycheck) has continuously innovated its products and upgraded five core product lines: intelligent health whole process management system, intelligent medical care management platform, intelligent hospital cloud information system, intelligent image aided interpretation platform and intelligent traditional Chinese medicine aided identification platform. The product structure has been continuously optimized and the technical advantages have become increasingly prominent!

With the cooperation and support of friends from all walks of life, E-techco (Anycheck) has continuously strengthened its key core technology research; as Huawei's global ecological partner, AI chronic disease management system has been selected into Huawei cloud strict selection scheme, Kunpeng cloud arm architecture, ISV; it has signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tsinghua University on smart medical R & D innovation; and the medical image aided diagnosis system for lung disease is being implemented in many general hospitals Cooperative research will comprehensively promote the development of lung cancer precision medicine in China in the future; fully promote the construction of "Dawan District Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine", led by academicians, with Chinese medicine masters and scientists as the core team, gather with famous Chinese medicine research institutes and information technology companies in China to explore human physiology and pathology and standardize traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis by means of life science, information technology and artificial intelligence Break the standard, improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of traditional Chinese medicine, integrate innovative technology into traditional Chinese medicine, and let modern traditional Chinese medicine go to the world!

With its high-tech products, artificial intelligence technology, intellectual property innovation, industrialization advantages in the fields of "Ai + medical treatment, AI + health, AI + pension" and compound high-speed growth of revenue scale in recent three years, E-techco (Anycheck) won the 2020 "top 50 Chinese high-tech and high growth enterprises" and "top 20 Shenzhen high-tech and high growth enterprises" sponsored by Deloitte China and the "Lingyue" of China Merchants Securities China Merchants Bank "new kinetic energy fund" key recommended enterprises, national intellectual property advantage enterprises, Shenzhen top 100 quality enterprises, two technologies won the 21st China Patent Excellence Award, 6 China Patent Excellence Awards in total, more than 3100 intellectual property rights, AI chronic disease management system won the second prize of Shenzhen Science and technology progress The strength of product innovation, technology innovation and intellectual property innovation of Antec health has been recognized by all sectors of the society, and the innovation strength is leading the country in the field of smart medical! At present, safety test health products and services have entered more than 650 public medical institutions and more than 450 social health centers in China. The product competitiveness, product maturity, market acceptance, brand influence and bargaining power have been significantly improved!

The signing marks the establishment of a solid and multi-dimensional strategic partnership between the two sides, which will carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation in the field of "artificial intelligence + smart medicine", realize complementary advantages, and jointly promote the sustained, healthy and rapid development of the internet medical industry. Mr. Zhang guanjing, chairman and CEO of E-techco (Anycheck), said that the company will actively rely on Sino in Beijing Voice's technology, product and service advantages in artificial intelligence voice, work hand in hand to integrate development, scientific innovation, mutual assistance and win-win cooperation, focus on AI, combine first-class artificial intelligence, Internet technology and first-class medical knowledge, provide intelligent, information and precision services for the majority of patients and medical institutions, and strive to be the leader of China's intelligent medical industry Leader, leader and demonstrator, promote the new development of smart medical industry, and realize the "human health dream, China dream of E-techco "!

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