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E-techco Group and Hunan Jiasheng Sign the Contract of Strategic Cooperation on Vaporizer Project

2021-06-15 10:50

On June 10, 2021, E-techco Group and Hunan Jiasheng Diantao New Materials Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation memorandum on "Vaporizer Project" in Shenzhen International Innovation Valley. Based on the principle of "resource integration, complementary advantages and win-win development", the two sides will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in the field of "Vaporizer", Focus on the U.S. market, and HNB iqos  for the Japanese market.Two parites will work together to develop related products and expand the market. Mr. Zhang guanjing, Chairman and CEO of E-techco Group, Ms. Kang Meng, CEO, Ms. Xiao Yingfen, vice chairman and CFO, Dr. Ge Xinke, co-founder and CTO, Mr. Zhao Li, director of strategic cooperation business, Mr. Su Chaoying, director of technical research and development, , Mr. Peng Linglin, deputy director of investment and other core teams, have witnessed this moment together with the visiting management teams, including Mr. Deng Chaohui, co-founder of Jiasheng Group, Mr. Qiu yehuan, vice president of Jiasheng Group, Ms. Zhang Xueli, general manager of Jiasheng Zhiyin Health Technology, Mr. Li Yijiang, executive deputy general manager of Jiasheng Zhiyin Health Technology, and Mr. Chen Chuhui, general manager of Aochu Technology!

Jiasheng Diantao New Material Co., Ltd., founded in 2004, is a leading enterprise in the field of atomization technology. The company has cooperated with Hunan University, China University of Geosciences, Shanghai Institute of Silicate, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wuhan University of technology, Beijing University of technology, National Defense University and other colleges, and has long employed relevant experts and professors as technical consultants. At the same time, Jiasheng has established and trained an experienced engineering technology management team. At present, the company's core products are Low Expansion Coefficient Electronic Structural Ceramics, mainly in the fields of home appliances, new tobacco, and core components of medical devices. Jiasheng also masters the world's only Fat Soluble Ultrasonic Atomization technology and the new generation of Heated Ceramic Atomization technology, mainly involving the atomization core applied in the field of new tobacco and big health and electronic equipment applied in various fields. The company has eight subsidiaries, relying on the technical advantages of the parent company Jiasheng Group, focusing on the field of health industry and new tobacco around ultrasonic atomization technology, to provide global leading diversified atomization solutions for customers in various industries.

E-Techco Group(Anycheck)focusing on medical information and medical intelligence, it have continuously innovated products, upgraded five core product lines, including intelligent health full process management system, intelligent medical care management platform, intelligent hospital cloud information system, intelligent image assistant interpretation platform and intelligent TCM auxiliary identification platform. The product structure is constantly optimized and the technical advantages are increasingly prominent!
With the cooperation of friends from all walks of life, E-techco Group (Anycheck) has constantly strengthened key core technology to solve key problems; As Huawei global ecological partner, AI slow disease management system is selected as Huawei Cloud Strict Selection Scheme, Kunpeng cloud arm architecture, ISV; Signed strategic cooperation agreement with Tsinghua University on smart medical R & D innovation; The medical imaging assisted diagnosis system of lung disease is cooperating with many general hospitals, which will promote the development of precision medicine of lung cancer in China in the future; We will make every effort to promote the construction of "Dawan District Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine", led by academicians, and take the national medical masters and scientists as the core team, and gather well-known Chinese medicine research institutes and information technology companies in China. With the means of life science, information technology and artificial intelligence, we will explore human physiology and pathology, standardize the diagnosis and treatment standards of traditional Chinese medicine, improve the level of TCM diagnosis and treatment, and integrate innovative technology into traditional Chinese medicine, Let modern Chinese medicine go to the world! 
With the high-tech products, artificial intelligence technology, intellectual property innovation, industrialization advantages and the compound high-speed growth of revenue scale in the field of "AI+ medical, AI+ health and AI+ pension", E-Techco Group (Anycheck) won the 2020 "Top 50 High-tech and High-growth Enterprises of China" and "Top 20 High-tech and High-growth Enterprises in Shenzhen" sponsored by Deloitte China, The "Antelope Plan" of China Merchants Securities, key recommendation enterprises of "New Kinetic Energy Fund" of China Merchants Bank, “State-owned Enterprises with Intellectual Property Advantages”, “Top 100 Enterprises of Shenzhen Quality” and two technologies won the “21st China Patent Excellence Award”, and “6 Outstanding Chinese Patent awards” . With the total intellectual property rights exceeding 3100, its “AI Chronic Disease Management System” won the second prize of Shenzhen Science and technology progress. Anycheck product’s innovation, technology innovation and intellectual property innovation strength have been recognized by all walks of life in the society, and the innovation strength is the leading in the field of intelligent medical treatment in China! At present, Anycheck products and services have entered more than 650 public medical institutions and more than 450 social health centers in China. The competitiveness of products, product maturity, market acceptance, brand influence and bargaining power have been significantly improved! 

E-Techco Group has a deep technical accumulation in the field of medical technology and is a highly international company. It also has professional channels and investment partners in the field of electronic cigarette (Vaporizer) in Japan and the United States; Hunan Jiasheng Co., Ltd. has profound technical accumulation and strength in the field of Vaporizer. Therefore, in order to lay out the overseas e-cigarette field and carry out e-cigarette related business, the two sides have carried out in-depth resource integration, realized complementary advantages, established a solid and multi-dimensional strategic cooperative partnership, and further expanded and strengthened the supply chain of e-cigarette markets in the United States and Japan, Provide technical and product support for overseas partners.

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